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  • Multiple inbound and outbound calls
  • Multiple company support
  • Popup operator scripts
  • Company contacts and buddy lists
  • Conference call facility
  • Contact popups and lookup
  • On the fly task creation
Booking Hub

QBIS Com now powers the Booking Hub.


Hired Help

Hired Help now use QBIS Com for all of their operators.

Download QBIS Com Now!
Click on the link above to install the latest QBIS Com.
Need Help?
Follow this link for the QBIS Com Wiki and Screencasts.
Telephony Whitepaper
Want to learn more about how QBIS and QBIS Com provide the complete "On Demand" telephony framework? Then read our Telephony Whitepaper

All you need is a Windows PC, QBIS Com, a broadband connection, and a QBIS account. No need to install any complicated servers in your offices. Start saving now, call us on 0845 8712000 now ...

  • Drastically reduce costs
  • Staff can work anywhere
  • Comprehensive switchboard
  • Handle multiple companies
  • Detailed billing
  • Whitelabelling options

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