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  • Multiple inbound and outbound calls
  • Multiple company support
  • Popup operator scripts
  • Company contacts and buddy lists
  • Conference call facility
  • Contact popups and lookup
  • On the fly task creation

serviced offices
QBIS Com is perfect for companies running serviced offices.

The central QBIS application underpins all the task management functions of multiple, disparate, companies. This allows global operators to quickly track company staff availability, book meetings, set up tasks, and search customer databases quickly and accurately.

For inbound calls, a personalised script appears for the called company allowing the operator to answer on behalf of that company in a professional manner. For each company, individually tailored monthly statements and invoiced can be automatically prepared and emailed to that company.

Serviced Offices Management

QBIS Com and QBIS can enable the following benefits:

  • Handle calls for multiple companies
  • Dial out as any company
  • Pop up operator scripts
  • Attended call transfers
  • Virtual confercing
  • Create tasks for company staff
  • Full, itemised, call logging
  • Contact look ups
  • Billing per company, per department

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