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  • Multiple inbound and outbound calls
  • Multiple company support
  • Popup operator scripts
  • Company contacts and buddy lists
  • Conference call facility
  • Contact popups and lookup
  • On the fly task creation

Mobile work force

With QBIS Com your workforce are part of your phone system when ever they are connected to the internet!

  • Ideal for home working
  • Staff can be in another country
  • Just need a PC and broadband

Different departments can be set up, allowing for separate accounting and security within an organisation.

  • Restrictions based on department
  • Comprehensive billing

For the larger business, QBIS can provide either a hosted or inhouse solution, and allow employees access to the full benefits of the PBX.

  • Drastically reduces costs
  • On or off site exchange
  • Multiple in-bound numbers
  • Staff buddy system

Employees logging in will only see the “buddies” they are allowed to see and will be able to tell who is online, who is active and who hasn't logged in yet. Emplyoees can also set up a “follow me” whereby when they leave the office, for example, their mobile can be called whenever an inbound or internal call is directed at their extension.

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